There is a System to Looking Great!

There is a System to Looking Great!

Posted On October 17, 2016

What inspires you to go to the next level of looking GREAT? Do you see someone at the mall and want their haircut and/or color? Do you see pictures in magazines and wish your hair or makeup looked like that?

What about clothes? Do you watch to see what is trending? Or do you prefer to wear what is classic and forever? Some people dress down as comfort is their priority. Others prefer to ‘jewel themselves up’ looking like they are ready for an outing at a lovely restaurant.

Knowing your dress style is KEY to looking great. What makes you feel your great? Understanding the colors that look best with your skin tone and near your face helps to cut down the confusion of what to purchase. Then, let’s talk about hair and make up! Do you prefer low maintenance, shampoo and run out the door styles? Or, are you willing and able to take 10-15 minutes on blow drying, styling and using some product? All of these questions help to meld the end result of what you TRULY wish to look like. If you love the classic ‘always dressed for success’ styles, yet you cannot stand being uncomfortable and refuse to blow dry your hair, you may be a bit image confused. Or, you may have a priority of one thing…such as looking classic, yet secondarily like the comfort…so therefore are comfortable the moment you get home from work or running errands, but if you have to go out the door in public, you really love the polished look of being put ‘together’.

Hairstylists can help with your image. No matter what, the color of your hair, and the shape of your hair style, mixed with the customization of what fits your personality, are are key factors in looking your best and satisfying your desire of end result. Do you like a sassy sporty style? Are you active at the gym or a soccer coach? Are you a VP for a large corporation and need a professional look? Are you an artist and love the more natural look? All these are things can be discussed with your hairdresser and help decipher what you would like.

Instead of going to the hairdresser just asking for a ‘trim’, even if you truly want a trim….Grab their undivided attention when sitting in the hair chair, and ask your hair stylist what they would ‘do’ if you gave them ‘free reign’ to do whatever they would like. You could ask what their suggestions would be if you were to go shorter or grow your hair out longer. Hairstylists LOVE to please, and enjoy change. So, don’t be shy. Asking is creative and fun, and may get you to that AWESOME look you’ve been craving!

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