Change is Good!

Change is Good!

Posted On October 17, 2016

Change is good. Not just change of a living room paint color, or rearranging the furniture. Change in eating is good, as long as it is balanced, adds variety, is visually appealing, and satisfies.

Yet, there are people that don’t care for change or don’t appreciate variety, therefore tend to hold on to the ‘same’ or ‘familiar’ for a long, long time.

The only thing about those that don’t care for change, is, unfortunately, they don’t experience all the possibilities, the wonder of refreshing ‘newness’ that can stimulate other positive changes. It is exciting to me, to test the ‘what if’s’ and step out of the ‘box’ to other ideas.

All this to say, changing the ‘same ol’ environment can become ‘just the beginning’ of other things new and good.

Equally so, goes for your hair. Yes, I am certain their are some looks that you have, such as color or style, that are sure bets, for looking great. What about the other possibilities? What about the same ol’ blonde highlights that you go to your stylist every 8-12 weeks for? What if you were to go in, and surprise your stylist with the thought of going all over shiny chestnut brown? What if you were to take those shoulder length long layers that you always get trimmed, and bring it up to a piecy sassy layered bob?

What if you took the all over natural salt and pepper color and added some low lights, especially near your eyes, to bring out your facial features?

The thing is, you have capability of different ‘looks’ and therefore, could even change your daily outlook. If you currently feel dull and drab, a sassy new cut and color could put a spring in your step and a smile back on your face.

What about the opinions of others? Oh, I can guarantee, people will have things to say. For instance, the friendly neighbor, that has fear of change, may say something to you. She may very well say something not too positive or flattering. Consider the source. Opinions are merely that…opinions. The neighbor may have a sour outlook all together in life. Her possible negative opinion may very well just be a reflection of her own perspective in life, and she may reflect it on you. Don’t always take peoples comments so personally. It is hard to know where they are ‘coming from’.

I challenge you to try something ‘different’. Whether it be a new meal, or rearranging your family room, maybe a different color nail polish. Talk to your stylist about a new ‘look’ and consider the possibilities. You never know, until you try!

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